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Welcome to learn Finnish with me!

Would you like to learn to use Finnish better in everyday life or at work? Are you planning to take part in YKI test? Or would you like to just write or speak Finnish more fluently?
I am a 33 years old professional Finnish teacher graduated in 2017. I have experience teaching both adults and children but especially adults: I have taught at a vocational school, integration training and various evening courses, as well as giving private lessons. I have taught a Finnish course at a workplace, helped preparing for the Finnish as a second language matriculation exam, and helped training for the YKI test.

Some feedback from my students: "She's a positive and encouraging teacher who can explain things really clearly."

I offer private lessons for private persons and small groups (2-4) as well as groups at work places. I am able to teach mostly online but face to face are negotiable (as long as we found place for that).

Price: 50e/45min + materials (if printed) + possible traveling expenses. I offer a free intro session ~30min online to get to know each other better and talk about your targets.

Note! Usually I am available on weekdays 18-21 but 20. May-7. June also morning and daytimes are possible.

See you soon! Tavataan pian! :)

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