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*FREE video call (up to 30 min) for organising schedule, evaluate student level, a friendly get together to know your language goals and needs. Lessons are held ONLINE
¡Hola! I'm a native Spanish teacher from Chile -Master of Linguistics (Romance languages) and certified as a Spanish as a second language tutor (ELE) for adults and children by Cervantes Institute- I have ten years of teaching experience for all levels, ages, academic backgrounds, mother tongues and a wide international students from all around the world and particularly from Finland. (Check reviews https://cynlanguage.com/reviews/ )

My teaching method is dynamic and varies depending on each student's needs and goals. As I collect my own material, these classes can be easily adapted to what each student prefers to work on. Among my students I have retired people, adults with a specific work or academic goals, Hispanic family connection, relocation, cultural and language approach to the Spanish speaking world for children of Hispanic origen, school and university students and Spanish language as a leisure and pleasure.

About me

I'm from Chile, but I've lived in several countries (Chile, Finland, Ireland, France, Belgium and Latvia). I have studied two degrees: Spanish Philology and Business Administration. Besides, I'm a Master of Linguistics. Currently, I activily work on my language services company providing several language related tasks such as language teaching, translation, transcription, editing and proofreading. In adittion to my mother tongue Spanish, I speak English, French, Portuguese and some Finnish, and I'm currently learning Japanese and Swedish. I considered myself a language nerd :)

Beyond my linguistics studies, my personal experience makes me aware and conscious about the second language acquisition process from the student and professional perspectives, as I've been a language student myself, and I've supported the learning process for several and diverse students.

60 minutes lesson: 28 €
45 minutes lesson: 21 € **
Have a different timing? do not hesitate to request information, I'm flexible with shorter or longer lessons.
*Billing can be monthly by Finnish bank transactions, Paypal or Wise (other methods under request).
**Recommended for younger students, conversation lessons, or for those who prefer to study twice a week.

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Website: https://cynlanguage.com/
Instagram: cyn_languages


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