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Retkeilijäntie 9, 70200 Kuopio, Finland

I have a degree from Oxford Brookes University in English language and communication and Japanese studies. I also have a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages granted by Cambridge assessment. During the training for this certificate, I have taught English to adults of all ages from all over the world.
Soon after obtaining this certificate, I worked as an English teacher for children ages 10 to 16 in England. Next, I was working as an English tutor at two universities in Japan for a year. And after moving to Finland, I worked as a substitute teacher at the English Kindergarten of Kuopio. Next, I’ll start an English class at the community college in Kuopio in September.
I have been offering private English lessons since February and I had a wide range of students with different needs. Some needed preparation for university entry exams, o IELTS or Cambridge, some wanted to fill in the gaps in their English grammar so they can feel more confident in their English skills as they work in international companies, or some want to work in a more international company but they want to improve their English skills before applying, or some just want to brush off their skills and feel more comfortable in speaking in English. Whether you need academic English, business English or whatever your motives are, I’ll carefully select materials for your needs and help you succeed.
I prefer giving lessons over Zoom but if you have any other preference just let me know.
After you contact me, you’ll get a free consultation session where we meet and set goals for our lessons so don’t hesitate to email or message me!


☎   0468488073

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Iasmina Robotin



23 vuotta


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