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Hello there!

Here I introduce myself for you to be sure that you are on the right way if my profile is being read.

Being a certified linguist, I have been teaching foreign languages in different countries to both children and adults for more than 15 years, and for me it's like a hobby of my life. I am originally from Russia, but living abroad since three years old. I lived in England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Tunisia, Mongolia, Russia. Also, I have travelled a lot, and now I've been living in Finland, Helsinki since 2010.

I have two diplomas of high education (one is from Russia, Moscow: Linguist/Interpreter; another is from Finland, Mikkeli: Business Management). Moreover, I am certified from the UK with the Hotel Business Programme, as well as from Germany. In Finland I have also studied in Finnish and gained the highest points from YKI test. Before I passed IELTS with high points approved.

I speak six languages and know how to learn them up from zero. My highest levels are Russian, Finnish and English. Other languages are usually of a good help for teaching to the students from different countries.

- My individual teaching methods help to learn languages whatever level you have.

- I created my own programme of teaching "step-by-step", which includes needed textbooks (depending on the language level I choose professional literature and send its copy for free to my students) and different language games to provide your learning in an easier way. The students also improve their grammar and vocabulary during our classes.

- I prefer online classes: Skype/Zoom/Google Meet together with the newest online platforms

- With me you can practice the language in different spheres: conversational topics, business, engineering, building construction, auto, etc.

- At our classes we do any side of the language: reading, listening, speaking (or even singing), writing

And one more thing for you to be sure: I have a good experience in both group and individual lessons while working in official language schools of Finland and Russia. I also have my own online school and now the information about it is only growing up.

So, if you are interested to take a chance, please do contact me (my email: [email protected]/ my Instagram: @lingvonet_helsinki), as I already have in most of the cases only morning times left.



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