Online Piano and Theory Lessons for all levels (from 13 years old an up)

Simonkatu 8a, 00100 Helsinki, Finlandia

Hello! I am a professional pianist based in Helsinki (Finland), with more than 15 years of experience with students of different ages and levels. I have two Master's degrees (Piano performace and Chamber music) as well as a pedagogy certification.

Learning the piano takes time, effort, motivation (of course), and sometimes it might feel challenging. But, as someone with a lot of experience, I can assure you it’s always worth it. Being able to play and express yourself with an instrument is extremely rewarding. Everyone has different goals and aspirations and as a teacher I always aim to guide my students to their own personal targets, learn strategies to overcome technical difficulties and grow as musicians. I also offer ABRSM training for students getting ready for the exams.

I have already been teaching online for years and have a very efficient multicamera setup to provide my students with the best learning experience from the comfort of their own home.
The only thing you need is your piano (or keyboard) , a laptop and internet connection. It will save you commute time and you can take lessons no matter where you are.

I teach in: English or Italian

Here's also some videos where you can see me playing:

First meeting (20 min) is for free: we can discuss your goals and I can show you my setup (I use two cameras and I can share the screen of my ipad to show you fingering and annotations).

30 min = 25 €
45 min = 35 €
60 min = 45 €

Pack of 5 lessons --> 5% off
Pack of 10 lessons -->10 % off

* all prices already include VAT

If you are interested, please contact me with your prefered times for the first meeting.

I look forward to hearing from you!





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