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***All lessons are remote through online platforms (Zoom, Teams, Webex, Skype, Google Meet). Learn in safety with a professional.***

Hi there! My name is Pan and I am a native English speaker and have been a qualified teacher of English since 2009. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Modern Language Studies, an English teaching qualification (CELTA) and a Master's Degree in Education.

If you would like to improve your English in 2021 and see progress immediately, you are in the right place.

My speciality is helping professionals improve their English communication skills to enhance career prospects, win promotions and earn more. This could mean working on your ability to share your opinions and make your arguments more persuasive, or by giving amazing presentations and impressing your boss' boss. I can show you how to improve your vocabulary quickly, sound more natural and feel more confident communicating in English.

I have experience teaching English to adults in different European countries and have helped a number of Finnish professionals reach their English language goals. I have coached professionals for job interviews, helped managers communicate clearly with native speakers and trained executives to give amazing presentations in front of important clients. If you would like to communicate more clearly and powerfully in English, I can help you.

My normal price is 60€ per hour, but I can offer a €10 discount on every lesson if you contact me through here so it would only be 50€ per hour. Think about how much your career and your improvement is worth and how much further you could progress with a little help from an expert.

Get in touch with me right now and I will give you a free 30-minute consultation to identify your needs and how I can help you improve.

I am happy to answer any questions you might have on here or via my website

Thanks for reading this far and have a great day



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