(On & Offline)**Korean language**certified and experienced teacher

Mannerheimintie 18, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

First of all, I want to highlight that due to exceptional period, COVID-19 situation, depends on your preference, I organize online class. I have been teaching Korean language online since March and it has been organized well.

I'm a Korean native speaker who moved to Finland. I have 8 years of English teaching experience since I was in America as an exchange student and volunteered as an interpreter at international conferences in Geneva. I also have 6 years of teaching Korean in Korea for foreigners and in Finland for a couple of years. I also teach Korean at TSL Helsinki and you can register the Korean beginner & continuous course as below (every Jan and Sep start)

As a teacher, I am kind, encouraging, detailed and social. I consider my students as individuals and concentrate on providing personalized learning experiences. Moreover, I challenge my students while encouraging them through the feeling of accomplishment and learning.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for us to schedule an initial meeting, when we specify individual learning goals and can get acquainted. I always prepare an individual syllabus based on a student's wishes and needs, e.g. homework and exams.


☎   044 240 5116

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Hana Han

044 240 5116


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