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Hello, I'm Tanya, your friendly English tutor! I am a qualified TEFL and CELTA native English tutor with a British accent, offering private lessons online, allowing you to elevate your language skills conveniently from home. With over a decade of experience teaching in European schools and online, I specialise in conversational, academic, and business English, catering to diverse needs, including special educational requirements. Maybe you'd like help with pronunciation to sound more natural and confident when using English.

It's quite common for students who don't have enough opportunities to use English to develop a speaking barrier that they need help to overcome. I can help you to achieve your language objectives. Whether you seek fluency practice, accent refinement, or are preparing for a job interview or a test, I offer individual lessons tailored to your goals, including vocabulary enrichment, revising grammar, practicing small talk and everyday conversation, depending on your individual needs. All ages and levels are welcome. Contact me for a free consultation, and let's unlock your full linguistic potential.

I provide all course materials. My academic hour is 45 minutes.
All ages and levels are welcome but sadly, I don't speak any Finnish!
Payments can be made through bank transfer.
I provide invoices and ongoing support for all of my students.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
I look forward to hearing from you!

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