Mathematics in English (Online option)

Magistratsgatan 8, 00240 Helsingfors, Finland

SOCIAL DISTANCING: Online tutoring available through Google Hangouts.

I offer tutoring in mathematics for primary, middle, high school (also IB, International Baccalaureate) students in the Helsinki area. I teach only in English but perfect fluency is not required on your part, just general comprehension.

I prefer to work at the location that is most comfortable for your learning style whether that is home, library or cafe.

Please contact by text or email to set up a phone meeting to discuss goals and schedule.


Mathematics is more than a subject, it is a way of thinking clearly and precisely. While it is necessary to learn a lot of tools up front, this learning should not disguise the underlying elegant creativity that clean logical reasoning allows. Just as learning a language’s grammar should not discourage poets and storytellers from their art, my ultimate goal is to introduce imaginative individuals to the elegance of mathematical thought.

I work with my students to focus on this careful logical approach to mathematics so that they understand the usefulness of the algorithms that schools teach. In this way a student is prepared to approach multiple problems without relying on memory.

I tutored in mathematics and statistics for eight years before using this same thinking approach to teach business design and foresight at design and business schools.

I look forward to working with you.


☎   +358 40 154 3451


Matthew Jones

+358 40 154 3451


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