Learn Korean with a qualified and experienced teacher.

Malmgatan 4, 00100 Helsingfors, Finland

Qualified & Experienced Korean language teacher offers private lessons for all levels.

- Courses are built to the needs and abilities of students from Korean Alphabet (한글) to TOPIK, from Sejong textbook to K-Pop lyrics.
- Lessons are in English for beginners and in Korean for intermediate & advanced.
- Assignment will be given in each class.
- Trial lesson is available.

***About Me***
Hello, my name is Jo. I am from Seoul, South Korea and currently based in Europe.

I started my teaching job when I left the country about 10 years ago. Whilst teaching Korean as a voluntary worker, I felt the need of a proper education & training as a language teacher, so I started my BA in teaching Korean as foreign language and am now studying for a master’s degree in Global Korean Studies. So, I would say I am a fully trained, qualified and experienced language teacher.

I enjoy teaching as I can meet people from various backgrounds, and it provides me an insight & knowledge about my own language which I’ve never thought about. I consider myself quite a patient & encouraging teacher and use a various teaching method based on the students’ personality & needs.

I understand people do have different expectation & commitment about foreign language learning but I hope you understand that you need to do a certain amount of work before & after class! I can help you to learn more efficiently and effectively.

MA candidate in Global Korean Studies (expected 2023)
BA in Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language in Korea
BA in History

Qualified & Certified Korean Language Teacher by Minister of Culture, Republic of Korea in 2014

1. Worked at Multicultural Family Support Centre in Seoul for 2 years including;
1) Regular language course (level 3)
2) TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean, advanced level)
3) Korean Culture & Language (level 4)

2. Worked at Rainbow Youth Centre in Seoul for 3 years including;
1) Daily Korean Conversation for beginners
2) Learn Korean with K-pop (intermediate level)

3. Basel Korean School for Kids

4. Various private tutoring including;
1) Basic Korean Alphabet (한글)
2) Pronunciation Correction
3) TOPIK Part 4 (writing section)
4) Korean with modern Korean literature (intermediate level)

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