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Hi, I'm Ryan from the United States. I have a Bachelor's degree in English from Fairfield University and 25 years experience as a semi-professional music journalist. Before moving to Finland, I worked as a tutor and teacher in Connecticut public schools. Additionally, I have been playing guitar for 35 years with 15 years experience as a professional teacher. While I have given instruction to all levels of players, I believe my greatest strength is motivating beginners of all ages and enabling them to truly love the instrument. Whether teaching language or music, my individualised lesson plans relate new learning to the student's existing knowledge while appealing to their unique interests or goals. Most importantly, I make learning fun.

My ability to communicate with language - spoken and written - and music has been my passport through life. It has enabled me to live my dreams- releasing records on some of the most prestigious labels, touring the world and interviewing my heroes. The ultimate compliment has been the number of new students I have gained on referral from existing students or their parents. I have also had the recent pleasure of seeing one of my students release his first album via a highly respected record label.

It brings me tremendous joy to share my love of language and music with others. Allow me to help improve your confidence in speaking and writing English. Conversational or professional, I can help you improve your comfort and proficiency. I can also aid in proofreading or editing your writing, or help you rehearse and refine an upcoming presentation. Attain the confidence and command of expression to achieve your fullest potential, exceed your goals and live your dreams. Your only limitation is your imagination.

Remote / online or in-home learning options available. Contact me now for a FREE half hour introductory session.


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Ryan Adams



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