Learn Conversational English with a Kiwi [Skype, Books and Video Games!]

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Did you learn English at school but never have the opportunity to use it? Do you like to read books or play video games?

Hi! I'm Melissa, a TESOL (ESL) certified native English speaker from New Zealand with an MA in English Philology (Linguistics). As a teacher, I am easygoing, friendly, and patient, and I teach a wide range of students, both young and old, throughout Finland and Europe.

I provide three different types of English lessons.
1. Authentic conversation - A safe environment for you to practice your English speaking skills while receiving feedback on pronunciation and word choice.
2. Reading - Pick a book and we'll read it together! This is a great way to learn new vocabulary and fine-tune pronunciation.
3. Gaming - Pick a co-op game and we'll play it together! Take the pressure off having a conversation and instead let's focus on the game. Learn gaming terminology or just use the game to speak English in a fun environment.

Choose one of these or mix and match! All my lessons are provided via Skype, Discord, Zoom or Teams, with or without webcam, your choice! Send me a message to see if we'd make a good fit! The first lesson is free! ^_^

You can also contact me through my website (and read about other services I provide too!) https://www.melissaenglishtutoring.com/





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