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I am a classical musician from Jakarta, Indonesia and currently studying in Sibelius Academy. I am currently studying as a pianist for my Masters of Music degree under the tutelage of renowned pedagogue Matti Raekallio.

Since my young age, I have always been passionate about music. I started my musical studies by learning the organ and piano. I have always enjoyed playing music and performing, and since my young age, I have been performing in competitions, concerts and recitals. Back when I was in Indonesia, I was fortunate to be able to win several piano competitions, including a first prize for a national level competition.

I continued my music studies as a pianist and composer at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, from where I hold my Bachelor of Music degree. During my time at the conservatoire, I was also awarded some prizes such as being commended at the Lamond Prize competition and receiving Agnes Millar Harmony and Counterpoint Prize. As a composer, my music has been performed at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and California Institute of the Arts, both student and professional ensembles such as the Hebrides Ensemble. Throughout my musical career I also have experiences in areas such as church music, music directing, community and amateur music-making.

As a teacher, I really enjoy being able to share my expertise. I have years of experience teaching students of various ages and levels. Throughout the years of my learning, I have been familiar with methods such as the Yamaha and the ABRSM, enabling me to gain confidence to teach various methods that is suitable for individual needs. Rather than always having one method of teaching, I am open to discussions regarding the most important aspects which you want to learn so that learning could be more fun, relevant and enjoyable.

I am offering piano, violin, music theory and composition lessons. I provide lessons in English and Indonesian languages. I am open to negotiations regarding rate, schedules, and so on. I am also willing to offer online lessons.


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Johanes Timothy



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lokakuu 26, 2020 16:51 (8 kuukautta sitten)

marraskuu 12, 2020 12:46 (8 kuukautta sitten)

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