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Hi. I’m Henry. I’m an experienced and qualified English Language Specialist Trainer.
I’ve been helping people resolve their English language issues for almost 20 years. I’ve worked in Spain, Chile and now in Finland for the past 6 years.

I currently teach at Helsinki’s biggest language institutes and I’ve also taught at many of Finland’s most well-known companies. Have a look at my website or LinkedIn for more details.

I specialise in helping professionals with a specific language goal: Consultants hosting conferences, therapists speaking with clients, assistants writing emails, judges improving conversational skills for international meetings, lawyers writing formally, engineers communicating with branches in other countries, managers with an interview for a promotion. I've prepared language workshops for personnel training. I've taught teachers working with the English language. I’ve also worked as an English language examiner and helped literally 100s of people prepare for their exams.

What I feel I can offer, is the ability to focus and work efficiently towards a language objective. My experience as an examiner helps me identify areas that the student needs to improve and then, together with the student, I like to decide on a plan of action with clear goal - Long term or short term. Goals that are relevant to the student’s needs that can motivate us and give us a clear direction to follow.

Get in touch, and we can have a chat (free of charge) to discuss your situation and see how I can help.

Classes at your office, home, or even in a cafe.

There's a special price of just €50 p/h if you have classes online between 08.30 and 15.30, Monday - Thursday. Normal price from 55€ p/h


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Henry Loveless



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