Crosscultural Communication and Finnish as Foreign Language


I am a 45-year-old language trainer and coach. I graduated from the University of Turku with a Masters of Arts degree in Finnish language and culture and culture history. I have lived many years in Germany, Canada and the United States.

I teach Finnish and Swedish language and culture, as well as international communication and teamworking skills at three universities. I am also a virtual course teacher and course designer at the University of Turku (e-learning projects.)

Beside my higher university degree in Humanities and Culture History and Educational Psychology I hold a teaching qualification for Finnish as a second language, history and ethics. I have also completed many special teaching training courses in Germany and specialized in Multisensoric Language Instruction, teaching intercultural courses at eLearning Platforms, Mediating Culture through literature, using suggestopedia in foreign language instruction.

I am a​ certified examiner for the Official Finnish State Language Examination (YKI ) and of the IB Diploma Programme for the subject Finnish literature.

I offer private lessons with many years of experience. I'm teaching all levels of Finnish/Swedish as a Foreign or Second languae. If you need coaching for language tests etc.just ask.
I also offer Self Management Skills trainings on demand.
Creativity and creative self-management concepts involve allowing people to be creative in their work and studies, to break rules, to try new ideas, to encourage the creativity of all members of the organization.

The objectives, structure and processes of the creative self-management skills course are to get acquainted to self-management theoretical terms and link them to the students’ personal ambitions, as well as the activities of a specific organization with emphasis on the individual´s and the whole organization’s promotion of innovation.

During the seminar we will be working with the four P's model, which allows creativity to be examined from four different angles:

person, process, place, and product

Person (The potential for creativity in all individuals)
Process (All management functions and processes are open to new and different creative strategies)
Place (The climate and culture of the organization, the location)
Product (Product/idea has to be innovative)

The course is designed to develop your personal creative self-management skills. It aims to develop competence in the following key areas:

creating a map of individual and (organization) values, opportunities and objectives
creating an individual self-management model
independent evaluation of the students’ innovation opportunities
creative self-management and self-control

Education and training rates:

45 min - 35 e
90 min - 65 e

Teaching can be carried out in Finnish, Swedish, German or English

Date, time and place: morning / day / evening on Skype also local workshops or weekend trainings possible


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