Basic and advanced English/ speaking and writing, online and in person

Töölöntori, 00260 Helsinki, Finland

Hi there! Are you looking for fun ways to learn English, ...or Albanian, ...or Turkish, ...or Serbian?

I am an experienced English tutor (playwright and performing artist by profession) and I teach basic and advanced language in a very playful way. I have experience in high-school and higher education as well as teach theatre to children and adults. Besides English, I am fluent in Albanian, Turkish, Serbian, German, moderate in French, Russian and Finnish.

I have a Master's degree in Critics of Theatre and Drama from the University of Istanbul in Turkey and am a candidate for a Masters of Arts in Live Arts and Performance Studies at Helsinki University of Arts. I have worked at American Councils for International Education for more than a decade and have been a Communications director for Dokufest, the International Documentary and Short Film Festival.

While teaching, I also coach clear communication with native speakers and train confident argumentation.

With children, I use animations, cartoons, comic books, illustrations and games to have an impact in individualized teaching. I can teach adults basic to advanced and professional English as well as creative writing (essay and academic paper writing, poetry, screenwriting, playwriting).

If you are up for an exciting learning experience, please be in touch and check my teaching methods out!

Sessions can be arranged at your home, workplace or a public place in Helsinki and its surroundings or, we can have virtual lessons through Skype for example!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!




☎   +358403299228

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Fjolla Hoxha



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